FreeBSD in Audio Studio

Goran Mekić <>

FreeBSD is usually not the first choice for music art, but it has quite a lot to offer

This presentation is about tuning FreeBSD OS to give more in the sense of real time audio, possibilities of such a studio and how to make one

With preemptive real time kernel and base system which is relatively small, FreeBSD makes the perfect platform for music production studio. With OSS and Virtual OSS, routing, which is one of the most demanding tasks of any studio, is easy, big number of channels is handled efficiently and support for LV2 plugins in recent year became excellent. Today, if we ignore proprietary solutions, FreeBSD is at least at the level of Linux in music studios, and in some cases it’s even better, especially if used PC is older or not powerful. Presenter will demonstrate his own studio from the view of FreeBSD and talk about what is good and what can be improved.