BSD Unix Solutions in the Australian NFP/NGO Health Sector

Jason Tubnor <>

Latrobe Community Health Service (LCHS) is a Not for Profit (NFP)/Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Victoria, Australia. By 2018, the organisation had grown to 51 offices across the State of Victoria with over 1,000 employees. All LCHS infrastructure is designed and managed in-house without the use of largescale cloud infrastructure. Since 2015, BSD Unix has been used for various workloads within the organisation, with application instances interchanging between BSD distributions where it was deemed that one type was stronger than another at specific roles in the LCHS environment. LCHS is operating system distribution and technology-agnostic and prefer both FreeBSD and OpenBSD where either one and/or its associated base tools are most suitable. This paper outlines the various design considerations and configurations of OpenBSD and FreeBSD in multiple roles in our organisation.