The Future of OpenZFS and FreeBSD

Allan Jude

An overview of the forthcoming changes to the OpenZFS Project, and how FreeBSD will interact with the OpenZFS Project.

This talk will discuss:

  • How the OpenZFS project has changed
  • New problems as ZFS has matured (deprecation policy)
  • How the OpenZFS project is working to reduce the differences across platforms (command line switches, NFS interoperability)
  • Interoperability improvements (feature flag ‘compatibility’ groups)
  • New procedures to prevent divergence and coordinate development across platforms (reserving flags, wider discussion before names for features/flags are decided)
  • The monthly ZFS Leadership Call

Then switch gears and cover FreeBSD specific issues:

  • The switch to ZoL as upstream
  • Why we are making the change
  • What we get out of it
  • How it is better for all of OpenZFS
  • Status report
  • ZoL is OpenZFS, not Linux
  • There is no LinuxKPI in ZFS (kill the FUD)
  • What has OpenZFS done for me lately

Then an overview of upcoming changes and features in ZFS.