Do you remember legacy IP? What happened to FreeBSD's IPv6?

Björn Alexander Zeeb <>

In 1998 the KAME project started to provide an IPv6/IPsec reference implementation for *BSD. Where have we gotten to with IPv6 in FreeBSD?

The idea for this talk originated by me spotting my badge from BSDCan 2009 hanging on my office wall.

For starters we’ll go through the time from around back then until today showing how the IPv6 stack and related features evolved. The main will focus on a bit of advocacy (hey do you still need to be convinced to do IPv6?), a big pile of what you can do with all the knobs and features (here’s to all sys-admins), and completed with some developer’s talk garnish (in case some things need improving or you want contribute or do some research). For dessert you’ll learn what else is on the menu and what’s currently cooking in FreeBSD’s IPv6 kitchen.

Hungry for more bits? Then join for the bigger addresses and crunchy colons and learn what that 10 year old badge said.