portmgr: Behind the Scenes

René Ladan <rene@freebsd.org>

This talk is about the ports management team of FreeBSD, also known as portmgr. It will cover various aspects of daily operation, both interpersonal and technical, like:

  • personnel handling
  • deciding on policies
  • building packages
  • who is who
  • history of portmgr
  • how things have changed over time (remember GNOME updates?)
  • its interaction with other teams
  • maybe more.

René Ladan

René started to work on FreeBSD in 2004. Meanwhile, he has been awarded both a documentation and a ports commit bit and is now part of the Ports Management Team (aka portmgr@). After visiting too many instances of EuroBSDCon, he was drawn into the accompanying Foundation and now assumes the role of secretary.