Own The Stack: FreeBSD from a Vendor's Perspective

Antranig Vartanian

FreeBSD, our business counts on you! Being a vendor that uses FreeBSD not only for our infrastructure but also for our product requires quite a bit of knowledge about the internals of FreeBSD, its culture, its conventions, and some underappreciated tools in the base operating system.

We have been using FreeBSD and its famous features like DTrace, Jail and OpenZFS in our product with many sleepless nights and tears of joy. We want to share our experiences, knowledge, and concerns to help others follow the best paths we have taken and avoid the rougher ones, with the goal that your company will some day be proudly listed as a FreeBSD Vendor.

This talk will go over the basics of building, releasing, updating, upgrading FreeBSD, plus upstreaming our innovations and distributing product images to customers in a commercial cloud services environment.